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About Us

We are one of the most preowned suppliers of medical, surgical & hospital equipment ranging from patient monitors to MRI/CT scans. Since the inception of our establishment in the year 2005, we have strived hard to expand our horizon worldwide and deliver the finest quality equipment. Which is both economically feasible and affordable. We have operational experience of more than 15 years in supplying medical equipment worldwide.


We understand that every single life is precious; hence, we have endeavored to provide customer-friendly policies and best of products & services along with a warranty of three weeks.

Container Shipping

We provide this service by embarking our equipment carefully onto a container ship and finally delivering them to the respective clients’ far-fetched locations, across the globe.

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Safe Delivery

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Sending such vital machines worldwide require utmost care and preparation to save the equipment from any damages. We thereby ensure the safe delivery of our products by carefully handling and packaging the fragile & extremely sensitive equipment, so that they can bear the friction en-route and reach their destination safely without any wear or tear.


In the contemporary time of the Covid-19 pandemic, exceptional high-quality valued service became our top-most priority. We safely delivered more than 500 ventilators worldwide (following the WHO guidelines) to different destinations in the times of distress, so as to ease the burden of countries fighting with the deadly Coronavirus. We are in a business which is directly linked to the health; and therefore, the safety & well-being of the people makes us more responsible. And by timely delivering the life-support systems throughout the continents, we proved our company’s aim to save every single life and ensure highest-quality customer satisfaction.

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